Clint Eastwood Finally Gets a Reality Show

Today: Clint Eastwood signs up for something strange, Reese Witherspoon heads to West Memphis, and Tim and Eric have a trailer.

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: Clint Eastwood signs up for something strange, Reese Witherspoon heads to West Memphis, and Tim and Eric have a trailer. 

Clint Eastwood, America's scary grampa, has apparently agreed to appear on a reality show about "Hollywood royalty" families that's being produced by the same people who do The Real World. Uh oh, did someone forget to take their brain pills recently? Because that is the only way I can imagine Eastwood agreeing to be on a reality show (alongside his wife and two teenage daughters). "Dina? Dina? Who are these damn people? What are they doing on my lawn? Get me my gun." "Honey, it's the reality show people, you said you—" "Honey, get me my gun." [Guardian]

Speaking of old dudes, Robert Redford might star in J.C. "Margin Call" Chandor's next film, about a guy who has to struggle to survive when he drifts out to sea. Oh no. Did someone else forget to take their brain pills? Did the brain pill truck not come this week? What is going on? Clint's doing reality TV now, and Robert Redford has gone and gotten himself lost at sea. Not good, everyone. Not good at all. Someone call the Coast Guard. And call a lawyer for Clint, he just shot Jonathan Murray. [Vulture]

Hm, this is interesting. Atom Egoyan, the Canadian filmmaker behind such curiosities as The Sweet Hereafter and Felicia's Journey, is doing a movie about the West Memphis 3, the three teens wrongly convicted of murder in Arkansas because people thought they were satanists and who were just recently freed from jail, and he has cast Reese Witherspoon of all people to play one of the moms. Witherspoon is a good actress and all, but maybe not in something like this? Eh, who knows, she used to do darker movies back in the old days (Freeway!) so it could work. You gotta wonder though if this was kind of a "this is how you get funding" kind of thing. Like how Terrence Malick uses all those big movie stars. (That's gotta be the only reason his movies get funding, right?) Just a Hollywood theory we have. [Deadline]

Shrim! Here's a NSFW new trailer for Tim & Eric's Billion-Dollar Movie, the feature film project from Adult Swim superstars Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim. lt looks predictably crazy and chock-full of weirdo actors, but isn't it strange seeing them with fancy movie lighting and actual locations and stuff? Sure you can't do an entire movie on green screen (well, George Lucas would disagree), but it just seems weird for them. Also, this movie can't have much of a narrative flow to it, right? It's gotta just be lotsa weird and the thinnest of plots. Well, whatever the case is, we're excited! They're total weirdos, but weirdos in the best way. Can't wait to go to the S'wallow Valley Pizza Court!

And here's a trailer for Jack the Giant Killer, a "Jack and the Beanstalk" movie featuring Nicholas Hoult from Skins (and, y'know, other stuff) and Ewan McGregor (among others). It's directed by Bryan Singer and it looks... terrible? Like doesn't it look very, very bad? Well, OK, maybe it's supposed to be for kids, but if it's supposed to appeal mostly to older people we just don't think it will work. Eh, but what do we know? We thought Morning Glory was going to be a big hit and look where that got us. So sure, carry on, Jack. We'll just be here watching the PBS recording of Into the Woods and humming "Giants in the Sky."

Speaking of grownup things, a Justin Bieber Christmas concert special has been snapped up by TLC and will air on December 21st. Bieber will sing selections from his new Christmas album, including "Mop-Top Mistletoe," "Girl I'll Water Your Tree," and "I'll Be Home for Boxing Day." Well, no, actually it's just him doing a show in England or something. Maybe there's some backstage footage of him playing basketball or picking nits out of Selena Gomez's hair. Who knows. Anyway, your niece (or nephew! It is the '90s!) will be very happy about this so be sure to be far away when it airs. [The Wrap]

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