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Yale quarterback Patrick Witt's wildly-covered decision to forego a Rhodes scholarship appointment so that he could play in this coming weekend's game against Harvard was supposed to be something he and his coach, Tom Williams, could relate to, but that isn't the case. "[O]fficials with the Rhodes Scholarship Trust said this week that they had no record of Williams ever applying for a scholarship, let alone having to weigh whether to attend a finalist’s interview," reports The New York Times.  That's a different story than what he told Bloomberg days earlier and what Williams's biography on the Yale's football page says: "Williams, who has been involved in six different Bowl Games, graduated from Stanford in 1992 with honors as a history major and as a Rhodes Scholar candidate."  And despite various articles on campus, Williams never tried to correct that.  A Yale spokesman told The Times that Williams’s résumé did include an entry for being a Rhodes scholar candidate. 


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