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Last night Jon Stewart bid a brief farewell to Barney Frank, who, he notes, might just be missed most by the conservatives who were giddy at the news of the 16-term congressman's upcoming retirement. After rolling vitriolic Fox News reels of anchors delighted by Frank's departure, the host remarks: "Losing Barney Frank is the worst thing that could happen to conservatives. He is the perfect avatar of everything they hate." And, yes, his willingness to say whatever's on his mind on-air has made for more than a few moments perfect for the Fox News cycle. So, Stewart asks, when "Barney Frank leaves the House Finance committee who do they think is going to replace him that they can beat up half as gleefully?" The Daily Show host points to a promising candidate in not-a-fan-of-the-Tea-Party  Rep. Maxine Waters, who's expressed interest in Frank's committee job.

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