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With the latest cinematic installment on the Twilight saga in theaters, literary social network Goodreads pulls together its own data from the U.S. to figure out which states love young-adult vampire series the most. The map above from the Goodreads Blog paints those states whose citizens rated Twilight highly on the site in red and those states less enthralled with Bella Swan and her beaus in blue. The results shows a distinct dark-red, vampire-loving "Twilight Belt"  covering much of the Great Plains states running from South Dakota to Oklahoma before cutting east through the American South. The most anomalous part of the map, though, is Utah. "Utah is the 34th most populous state in the US, but it generates the 6th most reviews of Twilight." The reviews are not all good reviews, however, and so the Bee Hive State is shaded a slight anti-Twilight blue. The full inforgraphic with even more Twilight data points is available at Goodreads. Unfortunately, it offers no geographic breakdown of Team Jacob and Team Edward.

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