'Twilight' Madness Begins Again

It's almost time to go nuts about Twilight again, it's almost time to be civilly excited about The Hunger Games, and Ricky Gervais wants back in.

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types can care about. Today: It's almost time to go nuts about Twilight again, it's almost time to be civilly excited about The Hunger Games, and Ricky Gervais wants back in.

Well, it's finally that time of the year. Next week, movie four (of five) in the Twilight vampyr Mormance series, Breaking Dawn Part 1, opens nationwide, which means it's time for the Twihards to come out in full force. This involves lining up today to camp out outside LA's Nokia Theater to get a good seeing spot for Monday's premiere. So people will be sleeping outside (Occupy Forks?) for like five days all for the mere hope of glimpsing the taut, shimmering frame of their sweet vampire love, Eddie Cullen. And probably like Jakums and Bellatrix and all the rest of the werevamp gang. It's pretty exciting! So exciting, in fact, that MovieTickets.com says they've sold out a whopping 1,344 Friday showings of the movie across this strange, supernatural being-craving land of ours. This is the penultimate Twinkles: A Love Story movie, so expect there to be some sad anxiety swirling around this whole thing. Imagine what the lead-up to the actual last movie will be like! Probably everyone will just die! Just heaps of dead bodies wearing "Team Charlie" T-shirts lying outside the multiplexes while a single tear rolls down Kellan "Meatthunder" Lutz's cheek. The world is soon ending. [Deadline]

OMG, speaking of madness! The Hunger Games movie, based on the first book in Suzanne Collins' wonderfully grim kids-in-combat YA series, is coming out in March which means we're about due for some kind of trailer. Well, as luck would have it, just such a trailer will debut on the Good Morning America show for people who've just called out sick this very coming Monday. Hunger Games trailer! We get to see Katniss and Peeta and Gale and all them in all their moving, talking glory! This is something to be very excited about. We're really looking forward to this. Anyway. Haha, aren't Twilight fans weird? [THR]

Oh brother. The increasingly tiresome Ricky Gervais says that NBC wants him to host the Golden Globe Awards again and that he's considering doing it. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has not signed off on this idea yet, so it might all be an empty threat, but if it does happen... Look, Ricky Gervais is funny. This is undeniably true. But of late all his relentless talking about himself (his atheism, his career, his hosting of the Golden Globe Awards) has just gotten to be a bit much. Just a bit too much of that, thanks. So if he does host, hopefully he'll be light on the self-referential stuff and mostly do what he does best on these things: Say tinglingly inappropriate and mean things about the celebrities in attendance so we sad couch-sitters at home don't feel quite so unglamorous in comparison. [Deadline]

Piers Morgan, the square-headed Brit who replaced Larry King in his CNN talk show slot after King returned to his tomb in Egypt, has decided to quit his other gig as a judge on America's Got Talent, as doing both had become too much work. Which seems fair. Watching people writhe around doing and saying stupid things for a few hours seems exhausting enough. But to then have to go judge America's Got Talent? That sounds near impossible. Piers deserves a rest. Just give Piers Morgan a break, won't you? He's very tired. [THR]

In other talk show news, Survivor host Jeff Probst is getting his own talk show that will start next fall. On the show he will discuss everything from "relationships and family issues to newsmakers of the day." Then he will surprise his studio audience by making them eat bowls of bugs and then make them go sleep in a ditch during a monsoon. "You get a bug and you get a bug and you get a bug! Everybody gets a ditch!" Should be good. [EW]

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