TV's Best Couple

Last night one of our favorite TV couples had a moment. 

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Every morning we address the important topic of something big, significant, funny, weird, etc. that happened while we were lying on the couch in front of the TV last night. Today we celebrate the communion of a lovely couple.

Last night they finally did it! (Spoiler alert.) After all the rigmarole of will they, won't they, Parks & Recreation's Leslie and Ben finally gave into the power of November sweeps love and decided to throw caution to the wind and be a couple. Good for them!

And good for the show too, which had almost started to teeter on the edge of tedious with the constant "But we can't be together!" plotlines. And really, did anyone ever really understand why they couldn't be together in the first place? Yeah, yeah, something to do with Leslie's campaign and politics and scandal and that whole jazz, but that never really made all that much sense. Obviously it was a narrative device for them, and it served its purpose or whatever, but it just never added up, really. Anyway, now it doesn't matter! Because last night they shared a big kiss in a tiny park and that's that.

Wasn't Amy Poehler, as always, wonderful? This is going to blow your minds, but, uh, isn't Amy Poehler like a really good actress? She's really good at it! At acting, that is. It would be kind of interesting to see her do something dramatic. Not like 21 Grams dramatic, but maybe Molly Shannon in Year of the Dog dramatic. A dark serio-comedy. Something where she can cry a little and come to terms with things. It would be pretty interesting to watch, probably.

Anyway, the point is hooray for those two crazy kids fictional grown adults. We were rooting for them, and now they've done it. Now let's Jim & Pam this thing, not Ross & Rachel it, OK? Get together, stay together. That's the new TV way.
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