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Universal has released the first trailer for next June's fairytale actioner Snow White and the Huntsman, a swooping special effects-heavy re-imagining that marks the first feature film from commercial director Rupert Sanders. It looks interesting! (Unfortunately Universal is still YouTube-phobic, so we can't embed the clip, but you can watch it here.)

There seems little to not love about Charlize Theron as the Wicked Queen, all glamorous ice beauty, even as she's sucking out someone's youth with her unhinged jaw. Plus that accent! It sounds like she's mingling her native South African lilt with a more august posh British and the effect is mesmerizing -- it's a bit familiar, but there's also something off and strange, otherworldly, about it.

We don't see much of Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman, and get even less of Kristen Stewart (ugh) as Snow White, probably because the point of this trailer is to show off Theron and all the silky CGI that swirls around her. The glossy, slo-mo look in this clip looks very similar to Sanders' commercial work, as if he could maybe become the next Tarsem Singh, also a big-budget commercial director who has ventured into visually stunning feature work with films like The Cell, The Fall, the upcoming Immortals (opening tomorrow), and... well wouldn't you know it, Mirror Mirror, the other Snow White movie coming out next year, with Julia Roberts as the jealous villainess. Are we going to get two of the same movie? Well, content-wise Mirror Mirror is said to be more of a family movie (Nathan Lane is in it, for heaven's sake) than this grave endeavor. But aesthetically? Who knows! They could look quite similar. Of course, though, only time will tell which is the fairest.

Get it? Snow White joke? Sigh. Hey, how about that T-1000 magic mirror?? Quite a thing.

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