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The man behind the now-nostalgic "Hope" poster, recent "Stay Occupied" protest art and mall building murals, has unveiled a new poster: "The Future is Unwritten." The name takes cues from a Joe Strummer lyric that Shepard Fairey has referenced before in his work (like in this Rolling Stone Obama cover) and it looks like something that could fit in at Zuccotti Park or a public library. In a news release, Fairey stated that the influence came from Great Depression art. While not foreboding, the poster isn't exactly hopeful--it features two statues peering over a rose that has a stem made of what appears to be barbed-wire over the words "Liberty, Shelter, Equality." The work, The New York Times T magazine tells us, will be auctioned off to help a charity benefiting the homeless, courtesy of a few presumed one-percenters who will purchase prints for $1,250+.

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