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We respect and value the social media editors who share the links that make our jobs easier. But sometimes we have no idea what they're talking about. So after a day of staring at Twitter, we're sharing our favorites.

Twitter spat! Raul Castro's daughter vs blogger dissident Nov 09 23:55:31 via The Huffington Post

Our money's on Raul Castro's daughter to win in the fifth round of sniping. It'll either be with the user block or the "Whatever. You're ridiculous" shutdown tweet.

Occupy Denver elects a dog named Shelby as its leader | (via @TIMENewsFeed)Thu Nov 10 00:00:37 via HootSuite

Everyone knows the guy with the dreadlocks and sleepy eye in the drum circle got Shelby to run. They don't call him Boss Sleepy Eye for nothing.

Mark Block: schmuck or liar? Nov 09 23:29:01 via SocialFlow

We want to be on this show, just so we can get the home edition of Schmuck or Liar. Will be great for when the family's in town over the holidays.

Harmless-sounding diseases that can actually kill you Nov 09 06:10:02 via HootSuite

Surprisingly not on the list: Nokillitis. It turns out, Dutch researchers have had a cure for years.

In With The South, Out With The East Nov 09 08:11:42 via twitterfeed

Pretty sure that's not how the saying goes. Isn't it "In with the new, out with the damn pot who won't stop calling the kettle black"? Or could it be "In with a penny saved, out with a coin you can actually use in vending machines"?

'They about had an orgasm in Biden’s office when we mentioned SOLYNDRA'... Nov 09 21:25:04 via Drudge

You know, the economy's still not so hot, Biden was really counting on getting that security deposit back. Not going happen if people keep erotically shouting SOLYNDRA.

HuffPost's 'Tranny' Joke Didn't Go Over Too Well Nov 09 19:48:35 via twitterfeed

Well, not everyone has Brett Ratner's uncanny comic timing.

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