Ryan Seacrest Does Everything

Today: Ryan Seacrest wears so many hats he needs a new closet (it's pretty full as is!), HBO makes Brooklyn one very happy borough, and Warner Bros. makes a very bad decision.

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types can care about. Today: Ryan Seacrest wears so many hats he needs a new closet (it's pretty full as is!), HBO makes Brooklyn one very happy borough, and Warner Bros. makes a very bad decision.

Well-shellacked television genius Ryan Seacrest does it all. He hosts television shows, he does approx. nineteen hours of drive-time radio every morning, he produces reality programs. And now he is going to do it all-er.  Seacrest's headed to the movies! Yes, he's teaming up with Reese Witherspoon to produce a romantic comedy written by a Grey's Anatomy writer. Woof, that's a perky trio right there. Who's going to star in it, the ghost of Shirley Temple? (No, Shirley Temple is not dead. But she already has a ghost.) Where does it take place, the Good Ship Lollipop? Etc. No plot details about the movie are available, but you can bet that sunshine and singer/songwriter pop (think: KT Tunstall) will be involved. In related news, Brian Dunkleman has stubbed his toe. [THR]

Much rejoicing in Brooklyn tonight as it's announced that HBO has officially given the green light to Noah Baumbach's TV pilot based on Jonathan Franzen's 2001 novel The Corrections, which will star Dianne Wiest and Chris Cooper. That's a big freaking deal. They're probably dancing on Smith Street with bottles of Müller-Thurgau in hand right now. They're throwing dishes into the street at 3rd and Prospect Park West while the kids play with hand-carved wooden toys and hats made from pages of old New Yorkers. They're doing the samba that someone brought back from a trip to Rio along Vanderbilt. And they're, well, probably putting on music and not paying much attention in Williamsburg. Basically Brooklyn is happy, is what we're saying. Congrats, everyone! [Deadline]

From celebration to great keening and wailing. A Greek tragedy: Warner Bros. is planning on making a third film in their Clash of the Titans remake series, the second of which hasn't even come out yet and the first of which is the kind of you-make-a-no-sense movie that's boring even on an airplane. That movie really didn't make one single bit of sense. One frame they're in a forest, the next they're suddenly on a desert beach fighting giant scorpions. One minute Perseus is walking with his friends, the next all his friends are unceremoniously dead in a fire cave of horrors. Plus the lady from Providence was in it with no explanation. Just a very strange movie! And now there will be not one but two more. Hope that yacht is worth it, Sam Worthington. [THR]

Mad Men's ever-blossoming squirrel Elisabeth Moss has signed on to star in a BBC miniseries called Top of the Lake, about how people in Minnesota say hello to each other. Or, possibly, it's about a detective investigating the disappearance of a drug lord's young daughter. Good for Elisabeth Moss, branching out and doing new things. (She's playing the drug lord, right?) As an added bonus, Jane Campion (The Piano, Bright Star) is directing. [Deadline]

Revenge fans (and you should all be fans) will be pleased to hear that last night's episode earned the highest ratings since its premiere. The ABC drama about... well, take a wild guess what it's about, has been a solid, buzz-generating hit, perhaps the only such show of this dreary new television season. (No, Poppy Montgomery, your mom talking about Unforgettable with her bridge club is not buzz.)  Maybe all shows should go with such straightforward titles. A procedural called Solving. A sitcom called Funny Things. A gameshow called Winning. (No Charlie Sheen jokes, plz!) They could work. [EW]

Actress-of-the-moment Emma Stone is in talks to star in a movie called She's F**kin' Perfect, a comedy about social media and finding the perfect guy and blah blah. Really the important thing about this is that there's no way they're going to keep that title. So what will it change to? She's Freaking Great? Something really generic like And Then You Came Along? Or maybe just Friends with Benefits 2: The Return of Benefits. Whatever it is, it will not have f**k in it, that's for sure. And neither will this post! [Deadline]

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