Pat Robertson Hasn't Heard of Mac and Cheese

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Wow. In a video clip being passed around today, TV personality Pat Robertson reveals that he has never heard of macaroni and cheese, and he asks, "Is that a black thing?" The context is that he and a 700 Club host, Kristi Watts are watching footage of her interview with Condoleezza Rice. After Rice admits to loving mac and cheese and Watts agrees, it cuts back to Robertson, who stodgily says, "What is this mac and cheese? Is that a black thing?"

Okay, we were so ready to see Watts, who is black, respond awkwardly. But no! She enthusiastically replies, "It is a black thing, Pat, it is. Listen and you guys, other people, the world needs to get on board with macaroni and cheese." 

News flash to both of you: The world is already on board with mac and cheese! Someone needs to blow Pat Robertson's mind with some microwaveable Kraft Easy Mac. And Kristi, calm down, we're already with you on it. Anyway, watch it above.


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