Nothing Can Kill 'Dexter'

Showtime wants more killing, Twilight makes a killing, and Amanda Seyfried wants to stop a killing. 

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: Showtime wants more killing, Twilight makes a killing, and Amanda Seyfried wants to stop a killing. 

Showtime has announced that they've renewed their serial killer with a heart of gold series Dexter for two more seasons. That will bring the total up to eight seasons, pretty darn long for any show, let alone one on premium cable. That's a lotta dead bodies! And, ugh, just kind of a lot in general. While the show has remained at least marginally entertaining since it began, it's kinda starting to show its age these days, isn't it? Like how many moral shadings can a guy have and still be a psychopathic serial killer? Is he a bad dude or what? Yeah, yeah, nothing's that black and white, especially in the human miiiind, but c'mon. Either he cares about people or he doesn't. Can't have it both ways, fictional television program! Also, now they have to come up with two more crazy killers. "Oh no, it's the Pogo Stick killer!' "Dex, I think this is the work of the Appledunk Gang." "Why does Miami have so many serial killers? Let's all move." It just seems like a lot of Dexter, is the point. It's just a lot. [Deadline]

Jumpin' Jacobs! The new, not very good Twilight movie Breaking Dawn Part 1 grossed a whopping $30.3 million in midnight screenings alone last night, meaning there are a bunch of frustrated 10th grade teachers dealing with some very tired students right now. Well most of the boys are in fine shape, but that one group of girls that always sits together, they're a mess. Damn Twilight movies. A midnight movie? On a school night?? Times have changed, they really have changed. Used to be the only midnight movie you'd see would be Rocky Horror Picture Show and you'd be dressed like an S&M transvestite and be covered in rice. Now it's just madness. [THR]

Here is a trailer for a new Amanda Seyfried thriller called Gone, about a murderer who keeps people in wells or holes or something, but it's not about Buffalo Bill! No, it's like a totally different thing. Anyway, everyone thinks Seyfried is crazy and writes her off as a nutter, but she knows that there's a guy putting girls in holes in the woods because she was one of those girls once and now her sister is gone and everyone's just like "That's just an old urban legend. Everyone knows you don't really have a sister." So yeah, that makes her freak out and run around Portland shrieking and waving a gun, which is always the best way to make your point. Just get your gun and start running and shrieking. Don't fire it until you really want to drive something home, but always be shrieking. This is the main lesson of this chilling documentary.

Ricky Gervais says that, foreal, this will be his last time hosting the Golden Globes. It's happening this year, and then he's done. He'll never be done talking about himself hosting the Golden Globes, but in terms of the actual physical hosting, yeah this is it. He's just too busy. You know, doing all that Ricky Gervais stuff, like going to church and praying and taking religious pilgrimages to various places. Ricky's a churchgoing guy, yeah? He's never given us any indication that he isn't, certainly hasn't nattered on endlessly in any way that might make us think he is anything but a pious parishioner, so that's just what we'll have to assume of him. There are two things that Ricky Gervais does: Humbly host the Golden Globes and go to church. That's just what he's known for. [Deadline]

Whoa!! You'd better sit down, because this is some big freaking news. The headline: "''Grey's Anatomy': Nia Vardalos and Peri Gilpin to Guest Star (Exclusive)." Ha! "Exclusive." Exclusive: Two random actresses to guest star on show that's been on for six years. Great to get an exclusive on that story. Quite a get indeed. Wonder how much reporter legwork went into that one. Probably had that thing cooking for a real long while, long chain of sources and tips and everything. So you'd better believe they're gonna put the "Exclusive" stamp on that sucker. This is the stuff, baby. This is why anyone does the job. The people need to know, and now they know. Power of the press, baby. Power of the press. [THR]

TLC, in their unending quest to shine a light on every sad weirdo in this country, has greenlit two specials which will chronicle nerds going to singles functions. Yup, nerd speed dating. So that won't be at all awkward or a little depressing. Not because nerds are depressing, whatever we're all nerds in our own way (except you, Ryan Gosling), just that speed dating is sort of the bleak fringe territory of the romantic world and more gimmicky than genuine, and lonely people, of any stripe, are sad. But whatever. TLC found something weird so they're going to show it to us. "Oh man, this is horrible! Come look at it." - TLC. [EW]

Howard Stern says that he is not in talks to replace Piers Morgan as a judge on So You Think You Can Talent or whatever that show is called, but that if he were to judge, he'd be a better judge than David Hasselhoff. Hahaha. Feud of the century. One old '90s relic hissing at another old 90s (and '80s) relic about a reality talent show. Story of the year! Gotta get someone on that beat ASAP. Will Hasselhoff respond? Will Stern be considered for the gig now? Will we all go take naps and forget about this forever and then eat sandwiches and then go live the rest of our lives? Remains to be seen! Stay tuned. [THR]

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