The Mormons Are Rich as Sin

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: The Mormons score big on Broadway, Liev Schreiber gets his own show, and Charlize Theron swears a lot.

After only eight months on the Great White Way, Trey Parker and Matt Stone's bawdy Broadway bow The Book of Mormon has recouped its initial investment, meaning it's all sweet-ass profits from here on out. The smash-hit show, which actually kinda pokes more fun at the plight of impoverished, disease-ridden Africa than it does at the people who believe in the inherent magic of Upstate New York, has been sold out for months and is showing little signs of slowing. The current advance sits at $39 million, which is a lotta scratch. The South Park guys seem like nice dudes, and the show's cast is young and fresh and fun, so we're happy for them and everything, but we're still a little disappointed that the show didn't have as many teeth as it could have. Sure in the end nice goes over best in a Broadway musical, but there's a lot to make fun of in the great, weird, swirling world of Mormonism, and the show really only "goes there" in one measly old song. (It's a great song, but still.) Anyway. Congrats to everyone. Yay for money! Please send some to Africa. You owe them. [Playbill]

Liev Schreiber has been cast as the lead in a new Showtime pilot called Ray Donovan, about a guy named Miltmort Finglehaven. No, just kidding, the show is about a guy named Ray Donovan, who is a "fixer" for the wealthy elites of Los Angeles. Meaning he solves all their secret problems, whether it be sex problems or murder problems or, who knows, sinister animal problems. All kinds of problems basically. Think Michael Clayton (about a lawyer named Furgman Dibbletree Michael Clayton) but a little more splashy. It's always nice to hear that the terrific Schreiber is getting work, but we don't love the idea of him on yet another Showtime show about smooth-operatin' jerks. Between Californication and the upcoming Hou$e of Lie$ (what? that's how they spell it on the promos), we've probably had enough of those. [Deadline]

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If you were watching Glee recently and thought to yourself, "You know, I wish this show could just get a little cheesier, it's not quite cheesy enough," and then you also kinda secretly wished it was a little gayer, well hold onto your dance belt, because Ricky Martin is coming to town to satisfy your needs. (For Glee. Your needs for Glee.) He's going to play "a musically inclined Spanish teacher," which is funny because Mr. Schuester is a musically inclined Spanish teacher. Do we smell tension?? Maybe Ricky and Will will do a dance fight and then a sing fight and before they know it they're standing right up close to each other, nose to nose, almost lip to lip and then, propriety be damned, they lean in and... Sing some more! They just sing some more and then everyone laughs awkwardly and goes home. That's exactly what should happen. Get writing, Falchuk! [THR]

With all the other awards hoopla of the day, we almost forgot the Independent Spirit Award nominations, which came out today. Unsurprisingly, Take ShelterMartha Marcy May Marlene, and Drive all did well, while there were a few fun surprises (like recognizing John C. Reilly's absurdly wonderful work in Cedar Rapids) thrown in for good measure. The awards famously happen in a parking lot the day before the Oscars, which is kind of a nice tradition. Isn't it nice that these independent movie people get to go to a fun party? Y'know, people like Ryan Gosling and Woody Harrelson who never get to go to the real fancy things... And... Huh. It's all the same in the end, isn't it? [Deadline]

Here's a new red band (read: NSFW) promo spot for the upcoming Diablo Cody movie Young Adult, which has Charlize Theron playing a grownup mean girl. It's a funny little clip, but like that "I love your sweaterrrr" thing at the end seems a little cartoony or sketch-y, doesn't it? Well, this is from Diablo Cody after all, so what did you expect.  Eh, but, we have faith in Charlize Theron and Patton Oswalt (he's, like, her love interest! crazy!), so hopefully it'll be good anyway. There'd just better be no daggum hamburger phones. Because no to those forever. 

Ooohh. Oxygen: Television for Women Who Think They're Watching Lifetime has ordered a reality pilot about cuite patootie danceman Travis Wall, the blonde pixie dancer-turned-choreographer from So America Thinks You Can Dance Factor: Home Edition. The planned series will follow Wall and his two totes bro-y buds as they try to found a steel mill dance company together. That could be fun! Kind of like Dance Life meets the work aspects of The Real World meets Be Good Johnny Weir. Actually, does that sound fun? We really don't know if that sounds fun. Or maybe what fun sounds like at all anymore. [THR]

The Lord of Light has been good to us! Here is a little post about the upcoming season of Game of Thrones which includes a photo of a dragon cart. Y'know, a cart for dragons. Or at least a cart that is, for the time being, carrying dragons! Woohoo! Guys aren't we all so excited for season two? Aren't we aren't we aren't we? It's going to be so good to see all our old friends again, like Tywin and Rickon and Maester Pycelle! Haha, just kidding, who cares about those boring jerks. We're excited mostly for Jon-Jon Snowtime and maybe a little Renly wanna hump-hump from that flowery bastard Loras. Or, uh, you know, at least some of us are. Just a small few some of us. Anyway. Dragons. Just some dragons. Carry on! [EW]

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