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Jon Stewart addressed that disturbing, disastrous phone interview that accused child abuser Jerry Sandusky had with Bob Costas, and the host said he could spot lying when he saw it, saying of the former defense cordinator: "It's like in that phone conversation you're actually fighting the urge to come clean." While Stewart praised Bob Costas for asking the former Penn State football coach necessary questions, the host, like everyone else, was reviled at the answers Sandusky gave in a literally "phoned-in" defense. When Sandusky repeated back to Bob Costas the question of whether or not he was sexually attracted to young boys, an exasperated Stewart remarked, "Everyone knows the only time when you repeat a question is when you're guilty ... You can't even bring yourself to lie emphatically." Stewart didn't hold back against Sandusky's lawyer, Joseph Amendola, either--he noted The Daily's report that Amendola had impregnated an underaged teen and then remarked: "What kind of creepy guy club do you both belong to?"

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