Jimmy Kimmel Will Host the White House Correspondents's Dinner

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Jimmy Kimmel, who's used to hosting late night talk, has been tapped to host the 98th White House Correspondents's Association Dinner in April. "Jimmy's humor is sophisticated and edgy while appealing to a wide audience," said Caren Bohan the president of the White House Correspondents's Association in a Reuters report. For Kimmel's part, he joked in the release: “I look forward to being a part of the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner. I love dinner.” This year's event, when Seth Myers played comic entertainment, sort of turned into a Donald Trump roast and poking fun at birtherism. But late-night hosts are familiar ground for the WHCA, with four out of the last five hosts being guys who tell jokes on TV after 11 p.m. at night. Neither is politics terribly novel for Kimmel, who isn't shy about delving into topical jokes on Jimmy Kimmel Live! The Kimmel-hosted gala will take place April 28.

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