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It's now official that Brian Grazer, spike-headed producer of roughly a billion movies, has stepped in to replace the disgraced Brett Ratner as producer of next year's big, glittery Republican National Convention Oscars ceremony. This is a good choice!

Though known to be something of an oddball, Grazer is nothing if not a true Hollywood creature. He produces big, middle-of-the-road entertainments like Apollo 13 and A Beautiful Mind, often with America's favorite red-headed son Ron Howard, that endear him to both the Academy and to regular old moviegoers. He's got his hands everywhere in television too, serving as executive producer on beloved shows like Friday Night Lights, 24, and Arrested Development. The guy's just everywhere in Hollywood, creating good commercial products that are heavy on generic smarts or grand spectacle, or sometimes both.

And what are the Oscars if not that? Grazer is such a safe choice for the show -- everyone can take relief in the fact that he'll more than likely produce something eye-catching yet uncontroversial -- that now everyone can wheel and deal in the lead-up week to the ceremony (the Oscar time that really matters in Hollywood) in peace and not worry about some impending disaster on Sunday. And us out here in the dumpy old regular world can, at least, calmly expect a run-of-the-mill Oscars night with maybe a few fun surprises and some comfy host who won't raise too many eyebrows (Ben Stiller?). It'll be Oscars as usual, and that's just fine. No one, no matter how fresh or edgy, is going to fix what's fundamentally wrong with the bloated four-hour behemoth, so as long as someone like Brian Grazer can add some upscale shopping mall elegance and a bit of visual pop to the proceedings, that's probably enough.

So it's a good choice. The guy has his own asteroid for god's sake! He'll do fine. The Oscars will be fine. It's fine.

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