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After 12 million plus YouTube views, a book deal, and an impending TV show, Jenny Slate and her fiance Dean Fleischer-Camp have given the Internet another 4 minute and 12 second dose of adorable with a Marcel the Shell with Shoes On follow-up. The second video comes over a year after the one-eyed shell wooed the Internet with his raspy voice and matter-of-fact musings about his tiny person lifestyle. ("Sometimes people say that my head is too big for my body and then I say compared to what!") The sensation spawned a slew of homages and copycats, and it has taken Slate and Fleisher-Camp an entire year to make another video. But it was worth the wait.

Since we first met them, both Marcel and Slate have grown up a bit. Marcel hasn't lost any of his cute, but Part two definitely shows a more mature Marcel. A year ago, Marcel could barely lift a crayon. "I can't, I can't, I can't lift anything up at all," he explained. This year, he still gets tired just walking from the water bottle. But he has learned to lift! Showcasing his reading ability, Marcel turns an entire page of a book. He's also fulfilled his dream of having a real pet. Marcel told us his one regret in life was that he'd never have a pet dog. He's upgraded from a piece of lint on a string to a real dog. Although, he is kind of big and scares Marcel a little.

As Marcel has grown, Slate has too. She first created the character after feeling "smushed down" after getting fired from Saturday Night Live for dropping the f-bomb, she tells Time's Rachel Syme. "I had a little heartbreak after the show, and I don’t wear grumpiness well. So Marcel was something I did to make myself happy," she said. And it worked. On tour promoting her book, Slate says she is "excited times 100" about the children's book and also has a Muppet-like TV series in the works. Marcel helped her put the SNL hiccup behind her. "Now I have a very strong sense of freedom," she says. "Without [that] space to let my imagination go, there may never have been a Marcel."

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