'Feisty' Larry King Live; The Super Committee Goes Biking

Larry King is toasted not roasted, a Super Committee weekend outing, and two very different evenings with Ronald Reagan.

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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: Larry King gets toasted not roasted, a Super Committee weekend outing, and two very different evenings with Ronald Reagan.

  • Katie Couric was the master of ceremonies for the Friars Club tribute dinner to Larry King last night. Despite the presence of Donald Trump, Regis Philbin, and Joan Collins, King was apparently "feisty" during the event, which was a "toast" and not a "roast." At one point King told the audience gathered at the Sheraton New York: "You have not seen the end of me. I shall return." [New York Daily News]
  • Sen. John Kerry was seen taking "an hours-long" bike ride along the Potomac River on Saturday with fellow solons Rob Portman and Mark Warner. In addition to being members of the Super Committee, all three senators are "supercompetitive bikers, and gave no grace to each other during the ride."   [Playbook]
  • Studio bosses and co-bosses Ron Meyer (Universal), Jeff Bewkes (Time Warner), and Jim Gianopoulos (Fox) were in D.C. yesterday for the MPAA's Ronald Reagan retrospective at the Hay-Adams Hotel. Also in attendance: Colin Powell, who didn't exactly have the best angle for his conversation with Gianopoulos. [The Reliable Source and photo via MPAA]
  • In other Reagan-news: in a new memoir, actress Piper Laurie writes about an unpleasant date with the 40th president that began with Reagan cooking her hamburgers and ended with him telling her, "There’s something wrong with you. You should have had many orgasms by now -- after all this time. You’ve got to see a doctor." She was 18 at the time and Reagan was 39. He had played her father in the 1950 film Louisa.  [The Daily Mail via Gawker]
  • Bono and The Edge used words like "overwrought" and "exhausted" to describe Julie Taymor's state-of-mind around the time she was ousted as director of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. In a new interview with Esquire, she denies this, and also wonders how they came to those conclusions, since they were absentee collaborators. "What was exhausting," Taymor says, "was the fact that the producers were absent...Those people weren't there, so how does Bono know? I'm sorry." She continues: "I think that those were important to paint a picture of a director who you needed to release in order to make this big change. I had to be characterized that way in order for something to happen." [Esquire]
  • Texas governor Rick Perry is heading back to New York City on Friday for a fundraising lunch hosted by the Federal Law Enforcement Foundation in the grand ballroom of the Waldorf Astoria. He's not going to be making a weekend of it though: he's scheduled to be in Des Moines on Saturday for the Family Leader Presidential Thanksgiving Family Forum   [The New York Observer]
  • Amanda Knox has only been back in Seattle for six weeks, but she's already apparently ditched Italian boyfriend for Raffaele Sollecito for James Terrano, a longtime friend. The pair was photographer shopping Sunday and Terrano's brother confirms they're an item. This apparently hasn't deterred Sollecito, who along with Knox was acquitted last month in the murder of her former roommate Meredith Ketcher, from making plans to visit Knox in America. He told the Italian weekly Oggi last month: "She asked me over, and I accepted with pleasure, and there is no saying I will wait until Christmas. I could go earlier -- I could go at any moment." [Us Weekly]
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