The Exploding Fried Turkey Footage Contest: Day 7

The search for the most alarming fried turkey tutorial stops in Texas, Thanksgiving greasefire capital of America.

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Millions of Americans will deep-fry their Thanksgiving turkey this year, but only one video of exploding poultry will be good enough to be win The Atlantic Wire's award for holiday public service announcements. Like some manna from local television news producing heaven, the phenomenon of deep-fried turkey combines delicious with blazing fireballs of danger. And to celebrate this confluence of factors, The Atlantic Wire is looking for the most alarming deep-fried turkey tutorial of the year. Every day between now and Thanksgiving we'll be rating a clip on a scale from 1 (a pretaped, offsite how-to without no explosions) to 10 (a raging greasefire, live in-studio). Enjoy, and remember to leave your score, pass along any clips we might have missed in the comments section, and check out all the previous installments.

Today: KXAN (Austin, Texas)

Rating: 5.9. According to State Farm, Texas led the nation in "grease and cooking-related claims on Thanksgiving Day" from 2006 to 2010, but nobody at KXAN seems to realize that its the job of the local news to educate viewers on how not to blow themselves up over the holidays. Instead, they let the Austin fire department conduct a parking lot tutorial without anyone from the network on camera. So while the visuals are stunning -- especially when a frozen turkey is tossed into the overfilled fryer -- the explosions lack the human touch. And we just have trouble believing we're taking our lives into our hands when a steely-eyed firefighter says, "We're not discouraging frying turkey. Fried turkeys is good." At least give us a graphic description of what a third-degree burn feel like. We're barely startled at all.

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