The Exploding Fried Turkey Footage Contest: Day 4

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Millions of Americans will deep-fry their Thanksgiving turkey this year, but only one video of exploding poultry will be good enough to be win The Atlantic Wire's award for holiday public service announcements. Like some manna from local television news producing heaven, the phenomenon of deep-fried turkey combines delicious with blazing fireballs of danger. And to celebrate this confluence of factors, The Atlantic Wire is looking for the most alarming deep-fried turkey tutorial of the year. Every day between now and Thanksgiving we'll be rating a clip on a scale from 1 (a pretaped, offsite how-to without no explosions) to 10 (a raging greasefire, live in-studio). Enjoy, and remember to leave your score, pass along any clips we might have missed in the comments section, and check out all the previous installments.

Today: KFSM 5 (Fayetteville, Arkansas)


Rating: 7.5. If we've taken away one lesson from this year's turkey frying tutorials, it's that you should never fry your bird on a wooden deck. Also, that it's a good idea to fry in tight clothes, so your shirtsleeves don't accidentally ignite. The news team at KFSM boldly ignored both these rules for their live demonstration this morning by filming on a wood platform and letting anchor Ashley Beck bundle herself up in a wool coat. For good measure, she's joined late in the segment by partner Jason Adams and his dangling microphone cable. There aren't any flames, but you can cut the tension (and billowing clouds of white smoke) with a knife.

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