Everybody Wins If the Muppets Host the Oscars

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Ever since Eddie Murphy stepped down as Oscars host following Brett Ratner's departure as producer, the Internet has spoken clearly on who it wants the replacement host to be: the Muppets! Well, at least a part of the Internet has --- namely, the currently 36,000 or so Facebook users pledging their support at "The Muppets Should Host the 2012 Oscars" Facebook page. A few news outlets, including Entertainment Weekly and Gothamist, took notice of the Facebook group and and now they seems to have Robert Iger's ear as well. "I wouldn’t count the Muppets out," Iger told Bloomberg News. "I like the idea of Billy and Miss Piggy or Billy and Kermit on stage."

Iger, of course, is CEO of Disney, loving parent company of both Academy Awards-broadcaster ABC and the Muppets franchise. With the first Muppets feature film in 12 years coming out this month, a little extra exposure for Kermit and Co. to follow it up in February is a clear win for Disney. It's also a clear win for us at home, as we imagine the show, now hosted by Billy Crystal, will be more watchable with the likes of Statler and Waldorf there to lampoon it. So, to Iger we say: do it.

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