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We realize there's only so much time one can spend in a day watching new trailers, viral video clips, and shaky cell phone footage of people arguing on live television. This is why every afternoon The Atlantic Wire highlights the day's video clips that truly earn your five minutes (or less) of attention.

Just when it seemed as if the Internet could not or would not produce a viral parody video worth of Drive's over-produced solemnity, Los Angeles comedian Alex Blagg has reimagined Ryan Gosling's white jacketed getaway driver as a guy who just picks up drive-thru orders. The result is terrific, though we did find ourselves missing Albert Brooks when it entered the home stretch. [Funny or Die]

German director Wim Wenders kept stressing the “unreality” of life in Los Angeles during a panel at the Getty museum over the weekend. Case in point: Wenders says that when he first arrived in Los Angeles in 1972, he would drive around town in an Oldsmobile convertible with a license plate that read “Sam Spade.” Despite this, he still felt compelled to return to Germany, which just proves his point about people in Los Angeles losing their perspective.   [Zocalo Public Square via LAObserved]


Based on trailer for My Week with Marilyn, it looks as if Michelle Williams is going to offer a multidimensional portrayal of Marilyn Monroe. This is admirable and may end up earning Williams an Oscar nomination, but voters are going to have separate the performance from all the feeble Monroe tributes and parodies that have emerged over the years. Based on the sheer number of references to Monroe's shower grate scene from The Seven Year Itch alone, this may be easier said than done. [Vulture]

For reasons the BBC leaves unexplained Atonement director Joe Wright is helping his parents put on a new show at their London puppet theater. Our theory is that he's either a good son, or the lead on a short-lived CBS sitcom from the mid-1990s. Or both. You never know. [BBC via 5min]


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