The Daily Show Eyes the Real Estate at Zuccotti Park

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Last night, The Daily Show stirred up class divisions between Occupy Wall Street protesters, airing a pre-eviction segment of correspondent Samantha Bee visiting Zuccotti Park and framing it as a microcosm of the city: complete with different sections for poorer and richer seeming protesters. 

The Zuccotti that The Daily Show's deft editors created had a "downtown" area (marked by drums circles) and "uptown" (where the People's Library was and "where the college hipsters that live in Brooklyn go," according to one "downtown" interviewee). The kicker for the segment was that the "uptown" elite made decisions that governed OWS in the quiet, pleasant-seeming atrium of the Deutsche Bank, one of those large, bailed-out kinds that the protesters were protesting, though protesters were evicted from that space as well on Wednesday. And, in a final narration, Bee points out the irony: "In any case, both the uptown elitists and the downtown poors agree--the occupation ended too early, they didn't even have time to create a middle class for this new society to crush."

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