Celebrities Can't Get Out of Jury Duty Anymore

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: Celebrities have lost one bit of preferential treatment, Sharon Stone and Jane Curtin get new roles, and Angelina Jolie heads to the Middle East. 

For many years there's been an arrangement in which celebrities who live in Manhattan can show up to something called Juror Appreciation Day and tell a bunch of kids how great and important serving jury duty, and in return get out of serving jury duty (which is great, you should do it! says a celebrity) themselves for the next few years. Well, sucks to be you rich and famous Manhattanites, because that gravy train has pulled out of the station. Due to budget cutbacks, the celebrity event has been canceled this year, meaning the precious few will have to stick it out with the rest of us bums. Sure they'll never actually get on a jury, but they'll still have to sit there for days on end anyway. Ha! Hahaha! One thing, one dirty dumb boring old thing that we have to do, now they have to do it too. Sure they still live in their sky mansions on 5½th Avenue (a hidden avenue that only the rich and famous can see) and eat truffled hippo eggs at secret restaurants in secret skyscrapers and hail helicopters out of the sky like we hail cabs, but at least they have to serve jury duty. At least that. We're pretty sure this means that Occupy Wall Street has succeeded. You can go home now, guys! Your work is done. [The Wrap]

Dark-eyed statue Sharon Stone has been cast in the upcoming biopic about adult film star Linda Lovelace, of Deep Throat fame. (Don't ask how Linda Lovelace knew things about the Nixon administration, just know that she did.) Stone will play mother to Amanda Seyfried's Lovelace, and presumably everything's great and nothing goes wrong because this sounds like that kind of movie. However it turns out, it's definitely always nice to see Sharon Stone working. She's good! Not like good good, but always compelling, no? And now she's in this strangely seedy movie (not seedy because of the porn aspect, but maybe because Lindsay Lohan was at one point going to play Lovelace in a biopic). Good to know. Still not the most important thing to know about Sharon Stone, though. The most important thing to know about her, and remember forever and cherish almost like a child, is that one time a dragon ate her husband's foot off. We all know that's the most important thing about Sharon Stone, forever. [Deadline]

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Speaking of women of a certain age getting work, the great Jane Curtin has a new gig! Yeah, she's a new regular on a show. Isn't that great for her? We're really happy for Jane Curtin, that great old gal from SNL. Let's break out the champagne and throw the confetti and open th- Wait. Hold up. The role is on that Poppy Montgomery show about the professional rememberer? You know, the lady who remembers things, for a living? Oh. Hm. Well, eh, still good. No, no, we'll drink it, it's already open. Yeah. OK. [Deadline]

Angelina Jolie typically plays weak women, little flibbertigibbets and flutter-bys and women of no consequence, but now, finally, she's going to play a strong, iron-willed woman. She's playing Amelia Bedelia! Haha, no. Wouldn't that be great though? Make that happen, Hollywood! In the meantime, Jolie will be playing Gertrude Bell, often called "a female Lawrence of Arabia" for helping to basically create the nations of Jordan and Iraq. Hm. Well, one out of two ain't bad. [THR]

While we're on the topic of strong women, Twilight screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg has been tapped to write and produce an American TV adaptation of the Dutch show Penoza. What is it with all these show adaptations from Central Europe these days? Did Hollywood just start taking Social Studies and find out that Europe exists? "There's a whole other place over there?? Wow! Uh, do they have any TV shows? 'Cause we're fresh outta ideas here." It's a bit confusing. Anyway, back to the topic of strong women, the show is about the wife of a criminal who has to take over the family business when her husband is killed. So a real tough babe type character. Which is a perfect fit for the woman who adapted Twilight, because boy oh boy, Bella is such a strong, powerful, actualized character, isn't she? Just so active and dynamic and not at all tossed around by the winds and constantly protected by a bevy of adoring men. Not one bit. (Review of Breaking Dawn comes tomorrow, y'all!) A perfect choice, ABC. [Deadline]

Funnylady Kristen Schaal (Flight of the Conchords, The Daily Show, some cellphone ads) has landed a multi-episode guest arc on 30 Rock, which is pretty great. Funny lady, funny show. Seems like a good match. There aren't any details about who she'll be playing, but we're guessing it's someone funny. Just a hunch. Don't ask how we know. We're professionals, it's what we do. [THR]

CBS has renewed its ancient reality series Survivor for three more seasons. Which is great news for everyone who likes that show! It's a good show, even still -- compelling and suspenseful with all its scrambling and scheming and whatnot. So yeah, everyone's pretty happy about this it'd seem. Well, except for a bunch of bugs who aren't thrilled about the prospect of themselves or their families being eaten out of a bowl for money. This news is kind of a bummer for them. But for everyone else, it's great! [EW]

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