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As the Herman Cain sexual harassment story spirals out of control, Jon Stewart takes a look back at the Politico report that kick-started the frenzy and offers a little journalism reminder for those questioning the news outlet's use of anonymous sourcing. After a brief overview of the goings-on at the Gloria Allred press conference (part I below), Stewart gets back to some media criticism, noting the skepticism at Fox News toward the anonymously sourced reports of Cain's alleged sexual harassment. To make his point, he showed reels of Megyn Kelly criticizing the use of anonymous sources in Politico's report one moment, then rolled another clip of her praising an earlier Politico report saying an official saw government waste. After conceding that it's easy to find such examples, The Daily Show host notes: "a lot of political stories use anonymous sourcing, the real trick for our crack research team would be to use anonymous sources to discredit a report you have dismissed because it uses anonymous sources."  Of course, it then gets ironically meta on a Fox & Friends clip (end of part II below):

Part II:  

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