Aniston Unamused by Paul Rudd; Conan's Big New York Gay Wedding

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Could Paul Rudd be the leading man who makes Jennifer Aniston not seem sad and unhappy in a movie? He tries his best in the trailer for Wanderlust, but she doesn't look like she's having a good time. You're with Paul Rudd! You found a hippie colony! This is exciting! [Yahoo via The Hollywood Reporter]

Conan O'Brien officiated a gay wedding on Conan last night. It was the highlight of his week back in New York, but it was still disappointing when the couple walked out were revealed not to be old-time baseball players. [TBS]

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Six European astronauts heroically emerged from a box in a Moscow parking garage after 18 months today. It was for the Mars500 experiment, an historic collaboration between Russia and the European Space Agency to prepare for a mission to Mars. Which, once again, they did, by spending 520 days in a parking lot.   [The Guardian]

Regis Philbin last episode of Live! isn't for another two weeks, but the montages of 23 years of Regis being Regis have already begun. All we can say is, nobody can flub the name of a guest like Regis Philbin. Not even the girl from the Green Eyed Peas.  [Live!]

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