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If you were absentmindly perusing The Huffington Post's culture vertical this morning you may have been surprised to spot a whole bunch of zombies featured. This wasn't yet another topic page for the Huffington Post. This one is a joke. And the editors have left a mini-live blog of the take over to prove it:

Oh god. They've taken over the nap rooms. Nap Quest 1 and Nap Quest 2 are occupied. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT under any circumstances get a little sleepy and try to take a nap in the nap pod. Slavering beasts of the undead are waiting below the massage chair to rip your scalp off and sip at your grey matter.

We've been breached.

It seems like the zombies are getting into the HuffPost spirit after taking over--happily contributing items about iPhones, Jennifer Aniston, an interview with Kristen Stewart and blog posts about evergreen topics like why young (zombie) men aren't ready for marriage. Except they're all written by contributors like Mraramrmarm, a zombie who talks like this: "Fewer and fewer zombie men marry these days and why?"

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