What If You Are a Horse in Human Form?

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Here is the winner of this Friday's afternoon viral funny thing sweepstakes: Thanks to Amazon's pretty easy program for people to sell or publish any sort of book, there's this gem, as  discovered by The Hairpin: What If You are a Horse in Human Form? Written by Jason the Horse the book hopes to "comfort, inform, and encourage" these special equines, as the Amazon description explains

This book discusses openly what many have known but very few have ever revealed, even to family members and close friends. Today there are many horses in human form in the world, and they are here to help their race-and humanity. What if You are a Horse in Human Form? was written to comfort, inform, and encourage these equines, most of whom have never met another in their situation and fear that they are all alone. Here they will find information that will facilitate their own journeys of self-discovery to learn why they are here and what the equine race wants them to accomplish. This work will also be of help to the human relatives and friends of these horses-in-human-guise.

Jason the Horse has also been called "Jason Wentworth," and last December he appeared on the Coast to Coast with George Noory radio show. You can listen to the interview if you'd like, but here's their summary:


 "Growing up I always had the feeling that I should be somewhere else doing something else in a different form," Jason explained. He recalled how seeing a billboard of an English countryside as a child brought back memories of his past life as a shire draft horse in Britain, as well as the profound effect encountering horses for the first time had on him. Upon catching their scent, Jason said he was filled with an overwhelming desire to be with them.

According to Jason, even though he is in human form, horses recognize him as a fellow member of their species. On a recent trip to England (where he believes he originally came from), a Quarter Horse named Buster sniffed him and "started trembling as if he'd seen a ghost," Jason said. Buster then immediately got the attention of his stable mate, a Friesian named Dante, who issued a challenge for dominance, he added. Jason also admitted that he is attracted to mares (but does not act on those impulses), greatly misses his previous equine state, and looks forward longingly to the day when he can once again run on four hooves.

If you're wondering how one could end up as a horse in human form, this Christopher Spencer documentary, Animal Passions, might have some answers for you. 


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