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The 72-day-long marriage between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries was chronicled on 61 (so far) magazine cover appearances in gossip weeklies, between December 2010 when rumors of an engagement began and today, when the reality TV marriage came crashing apart. We mainly relied on Jezebel's excellent celebrity weekly roundup, but we may have missed a few cover chips here and there. But by our tally, that means for every 29 hours the couple stayed in wedded bliss, some gossip edit team somewhere had to crank out a new cover with a new story line for a relationship that lasts less time than some gym trial memberships. (Or if your preference is to look at things from a financial perspective, Kardashian and Humphries are widely rumored to have sold various media rights to their ceremony for $17.9 million, which The New York Times's Don Van Natta, Jr. calculates comes to $10,358.80 per hour they spent married.) As stewards of your media consumption, we confess to leaving Atlantic Wire readers completely in the dark about this torrid celebrity affair. But looking through the covers documenting the meaningless union will probably get you up to speed.

April 13: Happy news: She said yes!

June 1: The only thing better than a wedding is a baby. The only thing better than a baby is two babies.

June 22: Much money will be spent.

July 6: The bride gets cold feet.

July 20: But she still will receive gifts. 

August 17: Finally, the Big Day.

August 31: Forget the honeymoon: is she pregnant yet?

September 14: The in-laws turn on the groom. She's already miserable.

September 28: Still time, though, for another baby rumor.

October 12: Regrets sink in.

October 19: The rocks.

October 26: One last humiliating scene.

And, that same week, before the deluge of divorce covers, a quiet plea for help from the celebrity industrial complex.

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