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We realize there's only so much time one can spend in a day watching trailers, viral videos, shaky cell phone footage, and people arguing on television. This is why The Atlantic Wire highlights the day's video clips that truly earn your five minutes (or less) of attention.

We've known that Hugo, the Martin Scorsese 3D family adventure formerly known as Hugo Cabret, would be gorgeous since the first trailer arrived over the summer. But based on the new international trailer for the film featuring interviews with the director, it is also going to be complicated, with lots of chasing, hiding out, and shots of Sacha Baron Cohen crashing into giant wedding cakes. And that's not even counting the film's MacGuffin, which requires young Hugo and Jude Law to finish building the "mechanical man" started by Hugo's late father. Again, it's beautiful, but we could use a few more study sessions with the director before it opens.  [Empire Online]

MTV is giving Occupy Wall Street the True Life treatment on November 5, and the network has already released a promo clip focusing on Bryan, described in the network press release as "one of the leaders of the Occupy Wall Street sanitation team." (Tough luck for Kait and Caitlin, the "passionate pair [trying] to recruit their friends to join the cause and work to keep spirits high among the occupants," whose adventures failed to earn them a promo reel.) If the five-minute clip is any indication, viewers can expect plenty of arguing and people talking about their internal doubts. In other words, typical True Life. [MTV via The New York Observer]

Will Ferrell became the fourteenth recipient of the Mark Twain Prize last night and as usual PBS is waiting a week before broadcasting an edited version of the ceremony. This means some of the ceremony's best moments, including Ferrell dropping the bauble, may very well not be seen in their uncensored glory. Thankfully, YouTube user 31dh had the presence of mind to take cell phone video of John C. Reilly's speech. In addition to being funny, it also features what may be the first semi-dirty joke involving a Bennigan's in Kennedy Center history.  [ABC News and YouTube]

It's not a video, but Alec Baldwin's WNYC interview with Michael Douglas was one of the most fascinating pieces of media to come down the pike Monday. There's the requisite discussion of how, yes, family is more important than acting, but the two also get into the moviemaking weeds, discussing the qualities of a good director and why, from an acting perspective, you always want to play the bad guy.  [WNYC]

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