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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: Stephen Sondheim throws another one of his famous treasure hunt parties, more details on Ashton Kutcher's Demi Moore-free wedding anniversary, and Eddie Murphy could be making a return to SNL.

  • Composer Stephen Sondheim has been designing increasingly elaborate "private treasure hunt parties" since the late 1960s, but finding people to talk about them in a way that makes sense is difficult. One participant in an early hunt says Lee Remick accidentally ate a piece of her map when it was presented to her as frosting on a piece of cake. His latest, billed as "A Little Jurassic Treasure Hunt," was held at the American Museum of Natural History last night, and Sondheim insisted he's "only done one" of the treasure hunts before.  Tickets were $1,5000 each, with the proceeds going to charity, and clues hard to find, unless you were Sarah Jessica Parker, who was heard yelling "WE found the wombat!" [City Beat]
  • This isn't going to be good for business: according to a new Us Weekly cover story, Ashton Kutcher celebrated the six-year anniversary of his wedding to Demi Moore with a "raucous, Demi-free party at the San Diego Hard Rock Hotel, which "culminated in a sexual encounter in a hot tub with local blonde Sara Leal ... and her  pal in his $2,500-a-night hotel suite." Rumors that Moore and Kutcher and split have been churning since the story about his one-night stand with Leal emerged last week, but the nature of the evening--and the extra participant -- feels like a big headache for CBS, who probably thought the days of having to comment on what the star of Two and a Half Men did in hot tubs were behind them. [Us Weekly]
  • "Work is going on behind the scenes" to have Eddie Murphy do a walk-on on Saturday Night Live this weekend when Ben Stiller hosts. This would be an accomplishment, since Murphy -- a cast member from 1980 to 1984 -- hasn't participated in any reunion shows and is said to have "complained bitterly" and demanded an apology for a joke David Spade told about him on the show in 1998. Sources say director Brett Ratner, who pushed the idea of Murphy hosting the Oscars, is the one who "eased the way to bring Murphy back and bury the hatchet." [Page Six]
  • Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio are kaput. They dated for five months and their respective publicists insist that they're going "remain friends" after the split, which will not happen. [Us Weekly]
  • Adele has cancelled the remaining ten dates on her U.S. after suffering "a hemorrhage into her vocal cord," a rep said in a statement posted to the singer's Web site. Back in June, the last nine performances of her North American tour, citing laryngitis. On her blog yesterday, she says she never recovered from her initial illness and that her voice has "switched off" twice in the middle of conversations in recent weeks. [Arts Beat
  • Angella Reid has been named chief White House usher, which means she'll be in charge of the household and grounds staff at the White House. In addition to being the first woman to hold the position, and she'll be just the ninth to hold the job since 1885. Currently, she's general manager of the Ritz Carlton in Pentagon City. [The Reliable Source]

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