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Today in sports: West Virginia's move to the Big 12 looks to be back on, the SEC jumps the gun in announcing the addition of Missouri, and the World Series heads to Game Seven for the first time since 2002.


  • There are few phrases in sports more evocative than Game Seven of the World Series. That's exactly what we're getting tonight from the Texas Ranger and the St. Louis Cardinals. And if you think hockey and basketball and best-of-seven chicken wing eating contests have taken some of the luster away from baseball's Game Seven, consider this: this is the first World Series to go seven games since 2002. And there have only been 35 of them in baseball history. By our calculations, that makes Game Sevens 23% rarer than Super Bowls. [ESPN]

  • Despite the best efforts of Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, West Virginia, not Louisville will be moving to the Big 12. Multiple news outlets -- including the Big 12's official Web site -- are reporting that West Virginia's bid has already been voted on and accepted. Now the question is, when do they move? The Big 12 news release says the Mountaineers will become "a full conference member effective July 1, 2012," but the New York Daily News notes "the Big East requires a 27-month window of notification before teams may leave the league" which could conceivably delay West Virginia's departure until January 2014. Big East Commissioner John Marinatto tells The New York Times that the conference is "committed to enforcing the 27-month notification period for members who choose to leave the conference." They'll also have to pony up a $10 million exit fee. [The New York Times and Deadspin]
  • West Virginia will be taking the spot of Missouri, who's move to the SEC looks like all but a done deal. It may have been a done deal as far back as Saturday. Last night, the SEC's official Web site briefly posted a press release announcing Missouri as the conference's 14th member. The message was quickly pulled down, and SEC associate director Charlie Bloom tweeted early Friday that "[a] Web vendor made a mistake. No agreement between SEC and Missouri." [Outkick the Coverage via Orlando Sentinel]
  • If you had six minutes last night, Stephen Colbert could have given you the sports world. There have been concussions, draconian fines levied against players calling their wives to let them know they don't have concussions, a great World Series (possibly between the St. Louis Archies and the Texas Cowboys) and a protracted NBA lockout that could be a fight over nothing, or who gets to fund Colbert's PAC. Two more minutes and we would've understood the intricacies of the FIFA judge-bribing allegations. [Comedy Central via SB Nation]

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