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Lego Man, a super-sized version of the plastic toy figurine, keeps washing ashore on unsuspecting beaches, most recently landing at Siesta Key Village, Florida, notes Boing Boing. Pictured above he's seen propped up during a foggy day in Dutch resort of Zandvoort in 2007, greeting some kids. And he's also been spotted awash on Brighton Beach in the UK, where the staid BBC News demystified the giant toy's ocean travels by pointing out that he is the work of Dutch artist Ego Leonard, although a caption at the time kept the ruse going: "It is not known where the giant Lego figure came from." His latest voyage to Florida, as spotted by a Boing Boing reader on a morning stroll, noted its height (about 8ft) and cryptic message on his T-shirt: "No real than you are." Ego Leonard's site appears to show that Lego Man has made plenty of world travels, but we didn't see an explanation of how he manages to tote the thing around.

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