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For good or for ill, Occupy Wall Street has passed a milestone in its evolution as a cultural phenomenon: it will be the setting of an MTV reality show. The former music video station announced that on Nov. 5 it will air an episode of its True Life series called "I'm Occupying Wall Street" that will follow three young people in Zuccotti Park including Kait and Caitlin, as the "passionate pair tries to recruit their friends to join the cause and work to keep spirits high among the occupants." The press release goes on, "These young people face opposition, unfavorable conditions and potential arrest as they push for economic and social equality." So it's official: Occupying things is now as relatable ratings bait as these other past episodes of True Life:

  • "I'm a Textaholic"
  • "I'm a Sugar Baby"
  • "I Can't Get Over My First Love"
  • "I'm Allergic to Everything"
  • "I Have a Fetish"
  • "I'm Going to Skatopia"
  • "I Have a Paranormal Ability"
  • "I Can't Have Sex"
  • "I'm Hustling in the Hamptons"

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