Lindsay Lohan Haggles with Playboy; Gingriches Return to Tiffanys

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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: Lindsay Lohan is posing for Playboy at a discount, The X Factor and Dancing with the Stars fight over bathrooms, and the Gingriches spent their Sunday at the mall.

  • Lindsay Lohan is reportedly set to pose for Playboy as part of deal that has been "in the works for months," but she'll be earning "less than her asking price" of $1 million. Playboy's initial offer was believed to be $750,000, a figure Lohan "balked at," because she wanted a cool million. The magazine countered with something under a million that was apparently "close enough" to convince Lohan to pose. The shoot reportedly began over the weekend.  [TMZ]
  • Also on the Lohan front: Musician Don Miggs is claiming the actress held up production of a music video for his band over the summer. He says she demanded hair extensions, refused to be filmed without a fresh spray tan, and and accused someone on the set of "stealing $10,000 worth of vintage underwear" from her dressing room. A rep for Lohan denied "any knowledge of stolen underwear."  [New York Post]
  • With a free day on his campaign schedule, Newt Gingrich and wife Calista swung by Tysons Corner Mall near their house in McLean on Sunday, apparently so the candidate could have a glass of champagne at the bar at Cheff Geoff's. But "[w]hen it turned out the bar didn’t have champagne, he took a glass of Cava" instead. While this was happening, Calista was spotted browsing in their favored bauble purveyor Tiffany's. [The Reliable Source]
  • J. Crew president Jenna Lyons and artist husband Vincent Mazeau split last summer, and now the pair is reportedly "going through a bruising battle over her millions and custody of their young son." A source says Mazeau wants the couple's Park Slope brownstone and a "sizeable settlement in the divorce, arguing that he gave up aggressively pursuing his career as an artist to stay at home and allow her to develop her successful career." He may get it, since the two sides are "believed to have reached a custody agreement and are ironing out a settlement in which Mazeau may keep the house." The good news, from Lyons's perspective, is that's she's said to have "fallen in love with another woman who also works in the fashion business."  [Page Six]
  • Demi Moore reportedly visited husband Ashton Kutcher on the set of Two and a Half Men on Friday. She spent most of the day with daughter Rumer in Kutcher's gargantuan $ 2 million trailer, but a source says when he returned from filming he "put his arm around Demi and they acted like a couple."  [Us Weekly]
  • There's a "toilet turf war" brewing at CBS Television City between the cast and crew of The X Factor and Dancing with The Stars. It apparently started when The X Factor team "moved in for the now-live show and tried to stake its claim to the loos with a sign on the door which reads 'X Factor Bathroom.'" This didn't sit well with someone on the lot, who posted of their own note underneath the 'X Factor Bathroom' sign, which reads "These restrooms are for everyone. If you have a problem with that, come see me. I’m on stage 46. Just ask for Rob. I’m the 6’ 3” black man. D.W.T.S." It's unknown if "Rob" is a real person or just a nom de plume for someone else on the show. When asked for comment, an X Factor spokesman didn't do much to defuse tensions, replying "Please tell Rob he's welcome to use our restrooms anytime." [Page Six]
  • Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been dating for eight months and don't live together, but that didn't stop them from adopting a "10-week-old husky mix" from the Winnipeg pound. It's unknown where the dog will live when the young stars are out pursuing their careers, though according to The Daily Mail Gomez was spotted "carrying the dog around backstage before her concert in London, Ontario" over the weekend. They're calling the dog Baylor.[People and The Daily Mail]
  • Robin Williams married graphic designer Susan Schneider in Napa Valley over the weekend. It's his third marriage. [Us Weekly]





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