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Refreshed from a week off, Jon Stewart checked in on the progress of Occupy Wall Street and gave some advice to the fledgling movement. The last time The Daily Show host weighed in on OWS, he described it encouragingly, but added this: "If this thing devolves into throwing trash cans into Starbucks windows, nobody's going to be down with that," he said. Last night, he took a similar tack, noting the protesters recent cash infusion, expansion to multiple cities (it's "like the Hard Rock cafe of leftist movements") and apparent success as gauged by Mitt Romney both agreeing and disagreeing with the protesters. Stewart had advice this time too. In particular, he chided the guy who defecated on a police car, summing up the moment as perception issue: "You [OWS protesters] have tapped into a real injustice that people feel about the global financial markets. But nothing can derail your movement faster than someone who's unable to derail their movements."

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