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In his Wednesday round up of Occupy Wall Steet protesters nationwide, Jon Stewart looked at what's been happening in Oakland, Ca., and wondered if there wasn't a better way for the city to keep the peace. After playing footage of the police dispersing protesters, firing tear gas and making arrests, he remarked: "So, the city was worried about a public safety threat, so they did this," and he played a reel of what looked like chaos in the streets. "Seems a little heavy-handed." Later, after a bit of levity involving Godzilla as the 99 percent, he then leveled: "Look I know a self-selected group can't take over public space forever, it's public space it's for everyone ... but, seems to me there might have been a less [mimes firing sounds] way of resolving this." The Daily Show host then went on to suggest, in jest, a few alternate Oakland locations for the protesters to demonstrate freely:

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