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Today in movies and film: Disney CEO Bob Iger will leave the company in 2016, a Coen brothers favorite walks out on Ethan's play, and director Pete Travis is persona non grata in the Judge Dredd editing bay.

  • Warner Bros. has brought in Shattered Glass writer/director Billy Ray to try his hand at a script for director Rob Marshall's planned reboot of The Thin Man starring Johnny Depp. Ray is at least the third screenwriter to have taken a crack at turning the Dashiell Hammett series into a tentpole franchise. According to Deadline, Jerry Stahl (of Permanent Midnight fame) got the first crack at it, but "apparently nothing got written" and Warners brought in David Koepp back in late August. At the time, Marshall reportedly planned on "giving it a Sherlock Holmes-like stylized treatment" and preserving the 1930s setting. The former choreographer also wanted to "work in a musical number or two."  Koepp knows the blockbuster territory and, according to The Hollywood Reporter, he quickly discovered that his "vision didn’t line up with Marshall" and the search quickly began for a replacement who give the Chicago director his musical interludes and mannered period details. [The Hollywood Reporter
  • Actor Fred Malamed dropped out of Ethan Coen's new one-act play Talking Cure following a matinee performance last Sunday, less than a month before opening night. Malamed previously worked with Ethan (and brother Joel) in A Serious Man, and his performance as the wife-stealing, locally-respected oenophile Sy Ableman is the funniest thing in the Coens funniest movie, but the actor tells The New York Times he and Ethan were battling over his performance in the play. “We kind of weren’t together on the character,” he said. “There were things Ethan wanted that I didn’t like, that seemed to take the character in a direction that felt artificial. Stuff I couldn’t really make sense of. I don’t think it was the sort of stuff that I would get fired over. But when my film work began calling for me to take more days off...we all amicably decided to part ways." Sy Abelman would probably say that makes eminent sense. [Arts Beat]

  • Post-production on the Judge Dredd reboot is actually starting to resemble a post-apocalyptic thriller. The movie finished shooting this year, but director Pete Travis hasn't been involved in the editing process because of "creative disagreements" with producers and executives. Screenwriter Alex Garland, a former novelist who has never directed, is said to be running the editing room, and is considering whether to petition for a co-director credit. The exiled Travis, a source says, is using the Internet to track the project's progress. [The Los Angeles Times]

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