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The deadline for the six principal voice actors on The Simpsons to accept a 45 percent pay cut next year is coming up at noon in L.A., 3 p.m. EST. The cast is reportedly talking among themselves about what to do, but don't expect a reenactment of the "All for one, one for all" approach the Friends cast used when negotiating with NBC. "There's six different people and six different personalities," a source familiar with the talks to The Wrap. In a statement issued Friday, Harry Shearer said he'd take a 70 percent cut if Fox gives the actors back-end interest in the show, but that's been a non-starter with the network since 1998. The actor, as The New York Times noted, was only speaking for himself, but his entire lengthy statement (posted on Entertainment Weekly) concedes: "I thought it might make sense for at least one member of the cast to speak out directly." Meanwhile, Fox is whispering that even if the show returns next year for a 24th season, it will almost certainly be the program's last. The cancellation talk is weighing on executive producer James L. Brooks. "Tomorrow is a biggie," he tweeted late Thursday night. "My stomach hurts." 

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