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Now it's Netflix, Showtime and Hulu that are reportedly bidding on those 9-10 new episodes of Arrested Development that were tantalizingly hinted at by creator Mitch Hurwitz during The New Yorker festival. On Tuesday night, Vulture cited insider sources who confirmed that "upon hearing of this plan, Hulu contacted Team Hurwitz ... about making a play for the TV component." The insiders eyes probably lit up after hearing the revival news--maybe because Hulu has gotten 100 million streaming impressions from the show since 2008, sources told the site. And, if you were wondering why Hurwitz thought it was a great idea to have each episode focus on a single character, the New York magazine property has a very economic answer: "stars like Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Michael Cera (whose salaries have gone up since the show) won't have to be paid for a whole series."

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