Hank Williams Wants Fox News Show 'Out of Your Homes'

The cantankerous country star's latest track slams Fox & Friends along with ESPN

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Hank Williams, Jr. may love guns, religion and money but Fox News can shove it. That's the gist of his latest track "Keep the Change" slated for release this morning on iTunes and leaked on YouTube. The track of course stems from his falling out with ESPN after comparing President Obama to Adolf Hitler in an interview with Fox & Friends last week. Even though Williams rails against big government and socialism (making him an ideal Fox News viewer) he lashes out at Fox & Friends for distorting his views. You, hear that, Steve Doocy? Here's a quick lyrical transcription:

So Fox and Friends wanna put me down. Ask for my opinion, then twist it all around.

Supposed to be talkin' about my father's new CD. Well two can play that gotcha game, just wait and see. Don't tread on me.

This country sure as hell been goin' down the drain.

We know what we need, We know who to blame. United Socialist States of America. How do you like that name? I'll keep the USA and ya'll can keep the change.

In another line that sounds positively Glenn Beckian, Williams says "I'll keep my freedom, I'll keep my guns... I'll keep my Christian name... keep the government out of my business and ya'll can keep the change." Sending a parting blow to both ESPN and Fox & Friends, Williams ends the song saying "you can keep Fox & Friends and ESPN out of your homes."

Though the Associated Press and others reported that Williams "cut a new song," this is actually a revision of a song he's had in the works for awhile, as concert footage of him performing "Keep the Change" from 2009 makes clear. Just slip in some anti-Fox & Friends lines and you've got a new hot single!

Still, Roger Ailes need not worry that this country star is starting a rebellion against his conservative cable network. Actions speak louder than lyrics and tonight, according to the AP, Williams is scheduled to appear on Hannity to "discuss the uproar." Looks like both sides win.

Below is a clip of the original, awkward interview:

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