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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: Frances Bean Cobain is engaged, Charlie Sheen's show sells to FX, and your weekly dose of Hollywood trade publication brinksmanship.

  • 19-year-old Frances Bean Cobain, the daughter Courtney Love wishes she took to more Broadway shows, is reportedly engaged to musician Isaiah Silva. The two announced the engagement the old-fashioned way: with a  Facebook relationship status update. [Us Weekly]
  • Charlie Sheen's anger management sitcom -- the shrewdly titled Anger Management -- has been picked up by FX and given a ten-episode order. According to a network press release, Sheen "will retain a significant ownership stake in the series inspired by the [2003 Adam Sandler] film, in which an anger management therapist, who may need more counseling than his patients, wreaks havoc on the lives of his patients through his unconventional methods." The two most important words in that sentence: Ownership. Stake. [Us Weekly]
  • Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves had chemistry in Speed, a spooky time-machine letterbox in The Lake House, and an "intimate dinner" Sunday at Craig's restaurant in Beverly Hills. They've supposedly been friends for years, but she's single, he's single, and they "slipped out separately, avoiding being photographed together." The separate slip-out is the oldest trick in the book with these non-dating dating celebrity types.[Page Six]
  • You can add Nicki Minaj and MIA to the list of performers who may be joining Madonna for the Super Bowl halftime show in February. She doesn't officially have the gig yet, but Madonna's already reportedly lined them up to perform on the next single for her new album, which insiders say has a "pop dance" sensibility that sounds perfect for halftime-length sets. The untitled album is scheduled to arrive in stores next spring. [Page Six]
  • When The Wrap broke the news yesterday Patrick Kevin Day, the deputy editor of the relaunched Hollywood Reporter Web site, was returning to the Los Angeles Times are just months on the job, they included a nugget about also hearing "rumblings "heard rumblings that [online editor-in-chief Joseph] Kapsch isn’t thrilled either" with the publication. The Wrap says it subsequently received a none-too-pleased email from Kapsch. The message read: "You and your hack operation are losers. You need to get a life." Then, "a few moments later," a follow-up arrived: "You and your hack operation are losers. You need to get a life and quit obsessing on THR." Kapsch sent Fishbowl LA, a longer, more detailed list of his objections to The Wrap story, while also maintaining he is "NOT" leaving The Reporter. [The Wrap and Fishbowl LA]
  • A masthead shakeup at the New York Daily News has managed to irritate, confuse and anger those in the paper's newsroom. According to the New York Post's Keith Kelly, the reshuffling began Tuesday when editor-in-chief Kevin Convey "called in seven of the managing editors and told them the paper was going to a new management structure, which would have only three managing editors on the masthead." This was followed by a memo sent out to staffers later in the day "asking them to 'congratulate' Senior Executive Editor Bob Sapio, Senior Managing Editor of Digital Scott Cohen and Senior Editor of Convergence Adam Berkowitz on their 'promotions' to managing editors." Two of the editors had titles suggesting they were above the level of managing editor, making the missive ""rather perplexing to insiders." Meanwhile, the inclusion of Berkowitz is said to "confirm fears throughout the newsroom among the old guard print reporters that their status was being diminished and the digital side is being given more clout." According to Kelly, Convey shuffled the titles "under pressure" from paper owner Mort Zuckerman. [New York Post]

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