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Assemble! It's the apt tagline for a first look at Marvel's most synergistic superhero episode yet. Because, despite only being treated to more car explosions, moviegoers will still robotically fork over cash to see The Avengers when it kicks off summer blockbuster season this May. About the new trailer, it's pretty good: all those superheroes are now tidily assembled in one blisteringly incoherent clip. There's Captain America's suit, Thor's enormous Hammer, a pirate-looking Samuel L. Jackson and a resigned-looking Robert Downey Jr. (plus Mark Ruffalo as the latest, greatest incarnation of the Hulk) all accounted for just like their contracts demanded. Still, it is pretty satisfying to see Iron Man and Captain America one-up each other. We have, after all, had enough time to get to know the characters over the years:

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