Sam Sifton's Promotion Rumored; Live Where Obama Vacationed

Plus: Ratner passed on Jerry Seinfeld as Oscar Host for Eddie Murphy

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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: Anderson Cooper ponies up to land the Winehouses, Obama's vacation retreat is hitting the market, and the flurry of media moves continues.

  • "Several" sources close to The New York Times say restaurant critic Sam Sifton is "a leading candidate to become the head of the [paper's] national desk." Sifton has been the paper's restaurant critic for just over two years. Prior to that, he was the Times culture editor. A paper insider says Sifton "would make the leap [to the national desk] in a minute — he has much greater career ambitions than to be restaurant critic." He would replace Richard Berke, who is taking over the features department as new executive editor Jill Abramson reshuffles the duties of the paper's senior editors. [Women's Wear Daily]
  • Did Anderson Cooper secure Mitch and Janis Winehouse as the first guests on his new syndicated daytime talk show Anderson by "offering up to a six-figure payment for the Amy Winehouse Foundation"? One source says yes, but according to a program insider, the real figure was "closer to $30,000." A spokesman for the show seemed to confirm that a donation was made, noting that the Winehouse charity is only "one of several charitable causes that we hope to help in the year ahead." [Page Six]
  • Blue Heron Farm, Barack Obama's Martha's Vineyard summer retreat for the past three years, is going to be put up for sale. The property won't officially hit the market until mid-September, but it's expected to be listed for $24.5 million. [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • Nicole Lapin and CNBC "mutually ended their relationship before the end of her contract," according to a source. The Worldwide Exchange anchor is said to be "starting her own production company for financial content called Nothing But Gold." Lapin joined CNBC in January 2010 after more than three years as an anchor at CNN. [Page Six]
  • Actress and director Sarah Polley is pregnant and newly-married. The husband (and father) is David Sandomierski, a PhD student at the University of Toronto. The 3-and-a-half month pregnant indie darling says they tied the knot two weeks ago in a small ceremony outside her native Toronto. This is her first child. [The Toronto Star via US ]
  • Chelsea Clinton and husband  Marc Mezvinsky were spotted in Beijing on Tuesday, sharing "what looked to be a casual, private lunch at Maison Boulud, near Tiananmen Square, said to be the best French restaurant in the Chinese capital." It's unclear what they were doing there, although they did just celebrate an anniversary. [The Reliable Source]
  • Before Eddie Murphy was named the host of the 84th Oscars, people close to comedian Jerry Seinfeld supposedly "contacted the Academy to express Jerry's interest in hosting," only to be informed that "as far as [producer Brett] Ratner was concerned, Murphy was his guy." As for Billy Crystal, he was apparently never a serious contender for the gig. A source close to the production of the ceremony says Crystal was a "backup option" and that "no one was seriously considering" him for the job. [Gatecrasher]
  • Eyewear company Warby Parker presented its Spring 2012 line at the New York Public Library yesterday, without the "permission or knowledge" of library officials. The stealth-showing was remarkably incident-free. "Models sat quietly (fittingly in the Bill Blass reading room) reading from classic books such as The Great Gatsby which had been covered in blue book covers naming the style they were wearing," reports Women's Wear Daily, while the library's "with unwitting security guards assuming the swift gathering to be a college field trip." [WWD]
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