Palestine Should Think of the U.N. as a Really Tough Co-Op Board

The Daily Show host imagines the United Nations as a selective co-op

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Last night, Jon Stewart took about as a light-hearted approach he could toward addressing Obama's nuanced, inconsistent remarks to the United Nations about Israel and Palestine settling their differences themselves. He recounted the statement as if the UN were a very-selective co-op that (nevertheless let in North Korea and Syria) the Palestinians were trying their best to get into with an application bid. So, Stewart continued, think of Obama as "that one hard-ass on the co-op board who always shoots people down." And after playing highlights from the president's speech Stewart summarized the remarks to Palestinians this way: "Thanks for your interest in our building, and please come back once you have a letter of recommendation from your mortal enemy. Also, we're going to need pay stubs...."

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