Nothing Says Fall Movie Season Like an Esteemed Character Actor

Also: Jason Bateman raises hopes for an 'Arrested Development' movie--again

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Today in the film and TV world: J.J. Abrams will return for Star Trek 2, Jason Bateman offers more assurances that the Arrested Development movie is on its way, and a tribute to character actors just before the heart of fall moviegoing season.

  • J.J. Abrams will direct Star Trek 2, the sequel to his 2009 reboot of the franchise that we saw, enjoyed, and remember nothing about. That's not really Abrams fault--there's something about summer blockbusters hailed as "a cut above" the usual summer fare that isn't sticking, at least not with us. For fun, ask the next person you see what their favorite scene from Iron Man or The Bourne Supremacy is. At least the hokey, implausible, very serious blockbusters of years past had Arnold Schwarzenegger shooting alligators and chasing the devil in a helicopter. Start Trek 2 is just going to be another movie set in space, the way Iron Man was another movie set in the laundry. Neither spot allows much room to maneuver. [Vulture]
  • Jason Bateman insists--insists!--that the Arrested Development movie is going to start filming next summer, but unlike all those other next summers, this start date is for real. Or it might amount to nothing, like all the other stories about an Arrested Development movie. Although the timeline offered by Bateman for a shoot in "the middle of next year" matches up pretty well with Jeffrey Tambor remark to The Huffington Post in July that the project was moving ahead and that "maybe this time next year" he'd be talking from the set. So at least, if the project doesn't come to fruition by then, give Bateman and Tambor credit for staying on-message. [Empire]
  • CBS has ordered a script for a modern-day Sherlock Holmes series, not unlike the BBC's fantastic new series Sherlock, where Watson's still just back from Afghanistan and Holmes is a computer whiz, but presumably totally different since none of the BBC folks are being mentioned in any of the press material. As long the producers resist the temptation to make Sherlock an American or a woman name Sherlockina, we're on board. [Deadline]
  • The fall movie season is here. That means Steve Buscemi-types will be screwing up perfectly planned heists, Tom Wilkinson-types will be giving George Clooney advice, and Kathy Baker will play somebody's long-suffering wife. In other words, theaters are safe for character actors again. The New York Times, for one, is happy they're back. [The New York Times]
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