Marisa Tomei and Charlie Rose Went Skinny-Dipping! Together! In Italy!

File under: 'things that could only happen at George Clooney's Lake Como villa'

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Marisa Tomei was promoting George Clooney's very solemn, very outraged new political thriller The Ides of March on Conan last night when she let it slip that she and PBS host Charlie Rose, who appears as himself in the film, went skinny-dipping together at their director's fabulous villa on Lake Como. (Evan Rachel Wood may also have been there too, but the audio is a bit garbled.) "He instigated! He instigated!" insists Tomei, which doesn't change the fact that Charlie Rose went skinny-dipping with Marisa Tomei. And yet somehow, this was revealed on somebody else's talk show.

For what it is worth, this is not the first report of skinny-dipping at Clooney's to appear this week. CNN analyst David Gergen was picked by Sunday magazine Parade to profile the actor, for some reason, and included this anecdote of a drunken, late-night swim:

I lost track of time, but by 2 a.m. or so — when I was hammered and was reasonably certain that others were, too — we had become raucous. Out of nowhere, Clooney jumps out of his chair and starts climbing a fence that overlooks the lake below. From the top, fully clothed, he counted, One... two... and jumped. I heard three just before hit the water. Within seconds, he was challenging our masculinity. Okay, guys, let's see your stuff. One other guest was next up and jumped. Hell, I thought, I have an early morning plane and I don't want wet clothes. So... what choice did I have? I stripped down to my skivvies, climbed that darn fence.... And whoa, it seemed like I was 30 feet above the water. One... two... I was in the water by three. It was very dark, a little cold, but terrific. So we kept jumping.  

Eventually we repaired to his kitchen in bathrobes, trying to warm up. Out came a bottle of limoncello, and the conversation flowed on until I finally crawled up to bed at 4:30.

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