Jon Stewart Thinks the Solyndra Mess Is a Big Deal

The Daily Show host delves into the scandal of the bankrupt solar company

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Last night, Jon Stewart caught up to the news-cycle and devoted his entire first segment to how damaging the Solyndra bankruptcy may be for Obama. Solyndra is the bankrupt solar company that received a $500+ million dollar loan from his administration even though federal reviewers said the deal was "not ready for prime time," ABC News reported. The Daily Show host played highlight reels of the president touting the company's job-creating potential at its factory and followed those up with news footage reports of potential cronyism involved in the deal. About midway through the segment, Stewart quipped:

"So, does the failure of one company discredit the idea of an entire green energy economy? Of course not. But, if in, say, 1936 you spoke about the growing importance of air travel in front of the...Hindenberg, you'd be right about the future of air travel but you'd still be on f**king fire."

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