Jon Stewart: Only You Can Save Helpless Millionaires

The Daily Show host films a satirical infomercial for the endangered species

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Last night, Jon Stewart weighed in on Obama's "It's not class warfare--it's math" tax code reform speech. And, by the end of the first segment, he had morphed the president's message into an endangered species infomercial featuring distressed millionaires scared into extinction by the threat of a raised top marginal tax rate. He even brings out a token poster-millionaire, the fictitious James Meriwether III pictured above. While most of the infomercial jokes landed, the best jabs came at the expense of Republican John Fleming. He's the lawmaker who went on MSNBC to explain how he scrapes by on $400,000 to reinvest in his Subway businesses after taxes. Lots of dead-on Subway observations ensued, including a explanation of what every one of those sandwich shops smells like:

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