Jon Stewart Has Television Plans for the Pepper Spray Officer

The Daily Show reacts to demonstrators being sprayed at the Occupy Wall Street protests

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On Thursday, Jon Stewart turned his attention to the widely-circulated videos of Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna seeming to pepper spray demonstrators during the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protests in New York City. And for the most part, The Daily Show host withheld a lecturing tone, choosing instead present an overview of the events,  poke fun at the officer's name (i.e. Tony Baloney) and say that this was a TV show waiting to happen. And Stewart made it happen, turning the incident into a low-budget cop cliché where an officer (in this case a guy who was "the fine mist of the law") goes rogue and starts walking down the sidewalk spraying pedestrians and hot dog vendors. Wyatt Cenac even makes an appearance. The show's tagline: "Crime doesn't spray, but I do." It looks like the web team made a mock banner ad too:

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